The territory where Ancona stands has been chosen by ancient peoples for its port. Ankòn in Greek means “elbow“: Ancona was an ideal natural bay for the birth of a maritime port. Ancona was the protagonist of cultural exchanges and important sea traffic with Piceno, Etruscans and Greeks. With the Romans it became the gateway to the East, from which the emperor Trajan left to conquer Dacia. In the High Middle Ages, Ancona became a Maritime Republic. The city is a cultural center of great interest, with a very important history. We recommend to our guests the tour of the ancient city, starting from the Arch of Trajan and proceeding to Santa Maria della Piazza, Loggia dei Mercanti, Piazza del Plebiscito, church of San Francesco alle Scale and Palazzo degli Anziani, until you reach Colle Guasco: here there was the temple of Venus Euplea, which was to protect travelers and where today you can see the city’s Basilica, San Ciriaco.
Other places to see are Camerano, with its underground caves, Castelfidardo, home of the accordion, the city of Loreto, a religious city known all over the world, Fabriano, the city of paper, and the Riviera del Conero, with its marvelous beaches , including those of Portonovo, Sirolo and Numana.

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